Why Mara?

Because it's similar to my real name (if you know Polish, you should know my name at this point). What's more interestning is that it means (in Polish) a character from a bad dream. Polish Wikipedia says that Mara was a demon of death in Slavic mythology. I like it :)

There's also a Star Wars character with this name (from novels after the orginal movies). What more? It means something similar to male in one (or maybe more) Asian languages (I don't know the details). Choose the explanation you like best.

It all means that my login name gives a great number of hits when you run a Google search — 4,750,000 at the time I'm writing this. That's one of the reasons I keep this login.

My interests

I have a large number of interests. In fact, nearly everything is interesting for me.

My more technical interests are:

Less technical interests: