29.04.2007 21:29

Economist on DRM; IP Criminal Measures directive

The Economist has a balanced editorial on why DRM doesn't work from (mostly) consumer's point of view.

But, more or less at the same time we also have the IP Criminal Measures directive. What has IP infringement with terrorism? Hard to tell. In the meantime it makes 'commercial scale infringements' of IP rights a criminal offence. FFII reports that many things are not clear at all.

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15.04.2007 17:40

New Debian stable

Etch is now Debian stable. One of the most important additions is an official AMD64 support. The webpage is not up-to-data in certain parts, however, like the port descriptions, for instance ARM port which is still about plans for Etch...

Still, normal users (not server administrators) should rather choose lenny/sid.

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