29.01.2006 20:31

RFID cartoon

Simple, easy to understand and 100% true. RFID cartoon.

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18.01.2006 21:41

Referer spam again

I have strange thing in my logs recently. Hundreds of visits from different IPs, with exactly the same User Agent headers and six different Referers. The addresses (or headers) are obviously spoofed, the Referer link is referer spam (from sites in .tf and .nr domains).

The interesting thing is, however, what they link to. To only one post -- the one I made in August about referer spam. What's even more interesting, I have found such links on at least one more site (which has no anti-referer protection), also in text about referer spam.

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08.01.2006 23:30

Debian on less platforms

Quite old news... New Debian version, Etch, will be released for eigth architectures, droppring support for ARM, Motorola 68k, S/390 and Sun SPARC. On the other hand, both IA64 and AMD64 are supported.

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05.01.2006 22:43

New year forums

When the new year starts, people try to summarize the last year (or even longer periods of time) and draw conclusions. It also happened to me, but not because the new year, but events from last month or so.

Popular forums get sold from time to time, when the orginal founder doesn't want (or doesn't have time) to keep it. The sad thing is that the outcome is good in only rare cases. It happened to something that's now called JustLinux. It also happened to QtForum, a forum about the Qt library. In short, the site became unusable. In this case, the former admins have created a new site, QtCentre. Best wishes to them.

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