04.08.2005 20:44

Apple DRM -- continued

After rumors started that Apple's using DRM-like technology in their Intel-bsed developers' machines (the thing I wrote about recently), there's a message saying that it was just a rumor.

Removing all comments, leaving just plain citations (from anonymous source) it doesn't say there's no such chip. All I can find is: ''not DRM or TCPA protected''. It means that if the technology is called differently, it may still be here.

One more interesting thing. It suggests that the chip is to make sure the non-disclosure agreement works. Nice way...

Now, no official statement. There are many possible reasons. One of the interesting one I can think of is that the whole thing is to see customer reaction to decide if such chip will be included in the final version.

Posted by Mara | Categories: Security, Software