12.07.2005 21:56

My site stats - part 1

I like browsing my site stats. There are many interesting things which, I think, show some more general tendencies. My site is small, so I need to be careful with generalizations. I will try to be in a number of short pieces about intersting things I found.

Today about browser statistics. in the persiod March-June the site's running, Firefox is no 1. Stats are by hit, not by user. No suprise here, because that's the browser I use. Especially in March and April, when the number of daily hits was low.

When we move to May, things become more interesting. MSIE takes first place. MSIE vs Firefox is approx 50 to 40. At that time I was thinking that it will continue this way. My own visits became less important.

At the beggining of June it was the same. But overall, Firefox won 40 to 35. Also, Opera (don't use it, so no my visits for sure; also not from one IP, but from many) share was 15 percent.

July is similar to June, so far. Firefox-Opera-MSIE ratio is 50:22:20 (yes, that's right, more visits with Opera than MSIE).

The number of visits is not that high so the stats mean something about the real usage. Many hits come from Google. That makes the whole things interesting, because Google's used by general audience. The results are biased by the subjects I write about. There are suprises, but maybe next time...

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