18.06.2005 18:39

How to save cookies?

As I wrote some time ago, there are people who delete cookies quite often. It's not what advertising companies want you to do, so there are different initiatives to stop it.

Cookies can be used for both bad and good things. They allow shopping carts in online stores, seeing visited threads on a forum, automatic login and many others. Why people remove (or block) them is that can be used to trace you and store information about you. Marketers use this possibility too often, so there's a response. Web browsers allow to block cookies and manage them.

Marketers are also afraid that removing cookies breaks advertising. Well... Adblock is much more powerful here. I see ads only when I want it.

Making less users remove cookies by asking vendors of anti-spyware programs not to remove them has no chance to suceed IMO. There are many such programs and if someone wants one that deletes cookies - there are (and will) many possibilities available.

There are also different ideas: list of companies that meet certain criteria, use Flash tracking etc.

The authors don't realize one thing: there are many people who really don't want to see ads and be tracked. Every method used to make them see ads or store cookies will result in a methods to remove them. The solution is to use such way of advertising that people want to see, not one they are forced to.

Posted by Mara | Categories: Security