10.06.2005 20:13

Hyped Security Threads

Gartner has published a list of most hyped security threads. Here it is with my comments:

  • Unsafe Internet telephony — it is unsafe (the same as standard telephony). Sniffing in a local network to get it is as hard(?) as doing the same for data. If someone thinks that it's easier — rather not.
  • Mobile malware — viruses, worms for cell phones, PDA and so on. Not yet a big danger, but if software developers won't think about security...
  • "Warhol Worms" — worms spreading very fast. So far there was none. Mostly because worm writers don't use zero-day exploits (release a worm using previously unknown bug).
  • Regualtion means security — I agree it's not true. Security problems are very dynamic and procedures may not help and only (when used without thinking) make things worser.
  • Unsafe hotspots — they are unsafe. It's the easiest way to sniff for password, personal data etc. Most people don't visit banks this way, but hotsports are not yet very popular.

Posted by Mara | Categories: Security