21.04.2005 22:14

Making the world a different place

I have downloaded an IETF raport Making the world (of communications) a differnet place (PDF, 140KB). It describes 10 things (ideas) that 'should' be in networks in 10-15 years.

I don't agree with all, especially those about security ('architecture that provides a coherent framwork for security'). Of course, bettwe security is needed, but something like 'new architecture' isn't possible in 10 years, IMHO. I agree with the report authors that security is a mix of technical, economic and social issues. It'll take 10 years to make people understand that security is not given for free - that it means less trust to unknown people, that it means just more thinking...

A good paper to start the discussion from.

Posted by Mara | Categories: Security, Science and technology