13.04.2005 17:29

Scientific papers

I have just released my new three papers. Below there are their titles and abstracts. Full text is available only for one, more will follow.

A Case for the Lookaside Buffer

Cache coherence and gigabit switches, while technical in theory, have not until recently been considered technical. such a hypothesis might seem counterintuitive but is buffetted by previous work in the field. Given the current status of psychoacoustic symmetries, cryptographers daringly desire the construction of the producer-consumer problem. In order to achieve this goal, we explore new introspective symmetries (Merganser), demonstrating that the much-tauted perfect algorithm for the evaluation of Boolean logic by James Gray et al. is impossible.

Ful text (PDF, 70KB) is also available.

A Simulation of the Memory Bus

Unified semantic theory have led to many confusing advances, including erasure coding and Byzantine fault tolerance. Given the current status of metamorphic archetypes, futurists daringly desire the visualization of Web services. In this work, we use modular models to prove that 802.11 mesh networks and gigabit switches are regularly incompatible.

Construction of Internet QoS

The important unification of telephony and forward-error correction is a practical quandary. In this paper, we confirm the refinement of journaling file systems. In this work we use real-time epistemologies to prove that Internet QoS and context-free grammar can connect to overcome this grand challenge.

All three make no sense. There's even a reason - they're computer generated using SCIgen tool.

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