31.03.2005 19:32

Biggest Polish Torrent site blocked

Biggest Polish Torrent site (as hacking.pl website (in Polish) states) was closed by MPAA.

What is strange is that: a)Polish site is closed and the note is in English, b) it says "There are websites that provide legal downloads. This is not one of them." and they can't be sure that 100% of the content was illegal (if only one file was legal, the sentence in logicaly not true).

As Torrent's becoming a popular way to download latest Linux ISOs, I don't like the move. They simply can't block illegal content, right? Plus, as it was already written 100 times (or more) such actions don't stop P2Ps. Lower prices do.

There's also an reaction to the MPAA action - shutdownthis.com (offically a parody).

Update: it was a April 1 joke (released too early - check my entry from April 2).

Posted by Mara | Categories: Security