15.03.2005 23:50

Before GCC 4.0

An article about GCC version 4.0 which should be out soon was published on zdnet. Mark Mitchell, who's release manager for GCC 4 is cited a number of times. Most of it is about performance.GCC 4.0, according to him, should be faster than previous versions (generate faster code). As gcc is the compiler I use very often, it's a good news.

I wanted to know more, so I've found GCC Wiki entry about features in 4.0. And that's right - it's mostly about optimization. Most features don't tell me much, but I hope the result will be good.

There's also a long list of GCC 4.1 planned features. I wonder how many of them will be actually present in the final realease. The list is impressive.

When will be GCC 4 released so it can be tested? This year. The development plan says early 2005. It should be soon. We'll see...

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