15.03.2005 16:53

Nero for Linux

Nero burning program is available fo Linux. From what I know, it's used to burn CDs and DVDs and quite popular among Windows users.

To download Linux version you need to be a registred Windows version user (but not demo and OEM). RedHat, Fedora, SuSE and Debian are officially supported distributions. What's interesting, Mandrake is not mentioned... Other sources say that the program is available in RPM and DEB format and should work also for other distributions (still, not Slackware). Not sure if it's true - I haven't tried it.

Will Nero for Linux become popular? Maybe, if it becomes free. K3b is a very good program and it's not that easy to move Linux users to another solution when the current one works well. I think that currently Nero is only interesting for people who already have Windows version (and not OEM version that came with their CD-burner).

I'm also thinking which library was used for user interface. The screenshots suggest GTK. I'm not sure, however, it may be also Qt (or a different library).

Posted by Mara | Categories: Software